Previous Customers

Please see a list below of what our previous customers said about us. All of these testimonials came straight from the customer.



""My brother,sister and two step brothers all passed first time with Colin.So it was it was a no brainer where to go for my driving lessons.within two months of lessons,I've now also passed first time and that is entirely down to Colin.I was 100% prepared for the test. Would recommend Colin to anyone.thanks again Colin!"


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""At least i kept my sunglasses on so you couldn't see the tears! thank you once again for teaching me i really appreciate it,especially when i had no luck with other instructors.I have put a review on facebook .thank you once again.""


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""thank you so much for pushing to my limits in the car. I wouldn't have passed without it,I will definitely be recommending you to means so so much thank you once again,hero! " "

— leon miller - wallsend

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— malcolm neil - killingworth



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""I highly recommend enigma driving school.Colin is a brilliant instructor who will allow you to get the best out of your driving.thanks again Colin""

— Nathan riding - Wallsend

""I didn't realise how much psychology goes into driving, thanks again for helping me figure it out cheers Colin""

— Alex saxon - Heaton

""I would recommend enigma,colin is a top instructor who knows exactly how to get you driving Thanks again"

— Simon willams - Wallsend

""Thank you so much for all your time and patience.I thought i'd never see the day passing fist time and it's all down to you.Best insturctor going.xxxx ""


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""Top instructor and all round nice bloke would highly recommend him to anyone ""


""Thanks colin for the experience and guidence on finding the belief and confidence to achieve my driving test pass first time.Because you were patient and always supported me during my bad driving days.Thanks for the experience i will never forget it.""

— lachlan skene - NEWCASTLE quayside

""as a first time driver i was pretty nervous,but colin let me take it at my own pace, i wasn't rushed through the process and that made all the difference and helred me pass fist time""

— Cameron Johnson - HEATON

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— Danielle Storey - north shields

""best instructor going,what he says is going to happen, happens..,helpful with everything,would recommend colin to anybody""


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— jack taunnch - wallsend

""Great instructor wouldnt go anywhere different i was with another company and failed badly twice.Passed first time with Colin no problem, would reconmend anytime.""


""passed first time cheers colin""

— jake forster - walker

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— konstantin tarasov - Elswick

""Delighted to have passed first time,thanks for getting me through colin""

— MICHEAL VASEY - Holystone

""Thank you for putting up with my tantrums and crying.You taught me to control myself,as well as the car.Thank you for helping me pass.""


"" Thank you couldn't of done it without a Awesome instructor ""

— JADE ALLEN - byker

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— kathryn SMITH - BENTON

""Thanks for persevering with me and helping me building my confidence i needed to pass my test""

— Emma Taylor - Heaton

" "Passed 1st time are three words i never have thought would be passing my lips as i was terrified of everything to do with driving.Colin has taught me how to control myself as well as the car and tailored every lesson for me.I gained alot more than practical driving during my lessons.Thank you so much for putting up with all the tears and tantrums Colin.. Top class instructor "always early never late""

— Charlotte Lynn Bodnar - Walker

"pass plus in keswick."

— Oliver Ellis - Monkseaton

"learning to drive has been quite an i can definitely say i,ve learnt a great deal that i can take forward in life,especially self-control in tests.Thanks colin for your dedicated support and providing that much needed confidence boost.

— connor crowe - newcastle

"very professional and gained a lot of experience with colin,after having 3 instructors before colin,he took me to my first test,which was an extended test. and passed with only 1 minor. cheers colin."

— Jason ingram - Heaton

"" i would like to thank colin for helping me pass my driving test.i really enjoyed my time practicing and i progressed very quickly with colins help. i passed first time and carry all of the skills i learned through my pass plus into my everyday driving. thanks again colin for all your help.would recommend colin to anyone."

— oliver ellis - Monkseaton

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— Charlotte Swainston brass - Monkseaton

"Colin helped me not only to pass my driving test first time but also to
build confidence and self-control. I would like to take this opportunity to
thank him for his patience and encouragement."

— Kornel berec - High Heaton

""Thanks Colin for believing i could do it even when i didn't.. managed to pass first time!""

— Hannah Redhead - Whitley Bay

""After being a negative Nancy for so long, Colin helped me with my confidence. He had a lot of patience which helped a lot! Never thought I would pass first time, can't thank him enough! Thanks again!!""

— katie robinson - howdon

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— TOM BIRD - Heaton

"Colin helps you pass your test,but he makes you in to a genuinely good,safe,and confident driver for years to come after your test because of his knowledge of driving which he passes on to his students. Thanks again Colin. "

— Theo Penn - Gosforth

"" I could not have asked for any more from Colin,he's a great instructor.I felt very confident going into my practical test.The proof is in the pudding,I passed first time! Thanks Colin"

— Jonathan david rech - Heaton

""Massive thank you for all your patience and continual encouragement to help me pass.Pass plus day was brilliant thanks again. Mauro""

— Mauro Stefano Ambelez - High Heaton

"Thanks for putting up with me and helping me to gain the confidence and self-control which I needed to pass. My mam says that if you can get me through first time you can get anyone to pass.Thanks again!"

— Patrick taylor - High Heaton

"Very happy to finally pass my driving test.Big thank you to Colin for giving me the push i need to pass."

— Nicola corbishley - SHIREMOOR

""Colin is a fantastic instructor he helped me develop the confidence and self control to pass.i can highly recommend Colin,its been a great experience~."

— Mark Gowland - Heaton

"Definitely could'nt have done it without colin. Massive thank you and really appreciate all the hard work he put in for me.Thanks again."

— Jacob Docx - Heaton

""I couldn't recommend colin enough,he pushed me way out of my comfort zone,and helped me pass 1st time cheers colin""

— Dan Ash - Howdon


— Simon James Dillon - Wallsend


— Micheal Steven Close - SHIREMOOR


— Laim O’Donnel - MONKSEATON

"Would highly recommend Colin to anyone,a brilliant instructor,well worth it and good value for money.thanks again"

— Adam P Mc Cann - Wallsend

"Colin had the patience to work with me and help me pass first time.I really appreciate what you have done for me. thanks again"

— Joseph Cherry - Foresthall

"Colin is a brilliant instructor. Each lesson is tailored to meet your own needs as a learner driver. He is great at identifying issues, and then guiding you to see them for yourself and resolve them. This makes for really effective, hands on and enjoyable learning. Thanks again Colin!"

— Daniel W Fisher - Sandyford

"Special thank you to Colin for having the patience and confidence in me which helped me pass my test."

— Helen Patterson - Byker

"A massive thank you to Colin for helping me pass my test,great tuition,a friendly and helpful guy,couldn"t of done it without him.I would recommend to everyone!"

— Marie Collinson - wallsend

"I am so glad I chose Enigma driving for my lessons. Colin is a great teacher and helped me pass first time. He is very fair with his prices and I would recommend to anyone."

— Callum Paul T Stewart - Walker

"I enjoyed learning to drive with Enigma and made great progress in a short space of time. I passed first time and felt very confident on my trip over to Keswick during my pass plus. Thanks for all your advice Colin."

— Braeden Ellis - Monkseaton

"Thanks very much Colin for all your help. It's great to have passed first time. I had a limited period of time to pass my test, which was achieved only with Colin's guidance and encouragement. I would definitely recommend Colin and had great day doing the Pass Plus!!


— Christopher Emmerson - North Shields

"Colin helped my son pass his test first time with flying colours. Colin knows his stuff and really cares about getting people through their test. He will go the extra mile and shows great attention to detail. The result was my son grew in confidence and was calm enough to drive well come test day. Dlyan Younger"

— Cai Younger - Gosforth


— Eduardo vincenzo munno - Jesmond

"I am so happy I learnt to drive with Colin. I am the 3rd member of my family to pass my test with Enigma; all passed first time with Colin!"

— Zac Walker - Howdon

"In order to pass my practical driving test I needed to gain self-control which Colin taught me. Instead of showing you the short cuts to perform manoeuvres Colin showed me how to complete the manoeuvre with confidence and fix it if something goes wrong. Thanks Colin for your time, patience and guidance."

— Yasar haji - Fenham


— Louisa Cutteridge - Jesmond

"Colin is a really good instructor. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Every lesson progressed my ability and I passed first time."

— James Riding - wallsend

"Have not been the easiest of students to deal with but colin still put up with me and got through like he said he would.He definitely has the patience. Would recommend to anyone."

— Melanie Todd - Heaton


— Tristan Rowland - Gosforth


— Loran Ncube - Walker

"I looked forward to every lesson because they were constructive and helped progress my abilty.I would recommend Colin to anyone as he does his job to a outstanding level and I passed with 0 faults."

— Ryan Hennessey - Wallsend

"Passed my test the first time after my lessons with Enigma Driving. Colin was always very friendly and helpful, highlighting my major problems and giving me the right tools to correct my bad habits! It was a great experience."

— Abraham Netta - Longbenton

"Big thank you to Colin for putting up with me couldn't of done it without him. Patience of a saint."

— Devan Turner - Walkergate

"Colin is a great teacher, I hadn’t driven in over a year then with just a couple of hours a week I managed to pass my test in no time! I would definitely recommend to a friend."

— Andrew Manning - Newcastle

"I am really thankful to Colin as I didn't think it was possible to pass"

— Laura Tinsley - Killingworth

"Thanks for helping me out with the last stages of my tuition. You immediately identified a couple of weaker areas and sorted them out very effectively. You gave me the confidence and belief in myself and made the test much less of an ordeal than I originally thought it might be! Thanks very much, great quality teaching"

— Stuart Marsden - Newcastle

"I found my lessons very constructive and informative,allowing me to drive with confidence and successfully pass my test first time,I have also done my pass plus course with colin which again was a great experience, Will definitely recommend colin."

— Dan Curran - Kingston Park

"Colin knows what he is talking about, whether your new too driving or have previous experience Colin's advice will give you a new found confidence to pass. I passed with one minor,thanks for your help colin top bloke!!!!"

— Lee Woodmass - Wallsend

"Colin installed confidence in my driving and made me believe in myself to help me progress and pass my test, thank you very much-big thumbs up. I didn't think I would ever do it to be fair."

— Anthony Gunn - North Shields


— Daniel Dunbar - Howdon

" I would like to say a huge thank-you to Colin for his time and effort put into me passing my test. I doubt I was the easiest to teach as I couldn't stop talking and asking stupid questions but Colin just told me straight and made me believe that I could do it and I did! Thanks again Colin -I couldn't have done it without you!"

— Angela Tindall - Wallsend

"Colin is a very patient,down to earth guy who will provide feedback that won't only help you through your test but also improve your driving standard beyond your test.will definitely recommend colin to family and friends."

— Andy White - Blakelaw

"passed first time just like my brother did with colin.i couldn't have done it without colin as he gave me the confidence that i needed in order to pass. would definitely recommend Colin."

— Laura Robinson - Killingworth

"Thank you for your help you were firm but fair. your determination was a big factor in my success."

— Terasa Ncube - Percy Main, North Shields

"Thank you colin for all your patience whilst teaching me i know it was not easy.Colin is a great instructor very fair and patient would not have got there without you. My brother and son passed with colin now my daughter is learning with colin. Thanks again"

— Michelle Graham - Elswick, Newcastle


— Anthony Forster - North Heaton

"Passed second time my fault first time i did not believe in myself.Colin was great.I am now looking forward to doing pass plus.thanks again colin."

— Shabbey Mohammed - Fenham

"got along with colin well,he's not cheap but what you pay for is what you get.i passed first time and spent my mothers money well,i wound recommend colin to anyone. thank again colin"

— Rhys Boyd - North Heaton

"After been messed about by another instructor, I was given Colin's number. He always believed in me when I doubted myself. I passed first time, thanks to Colin."

— Robbie Platais - Gosforth

"An excellent driving instructor who provides a great pass plus scheme which further increased my confidence in my driving"

— Micheal Austin - Hayden Grange, High Heaton

"Colin encouraged me to believe in myself and I passed first time- never thought this was possible!"

— Ryan Robinson - Killingworth

"I chose Enigma after two of my friends passed first time. I could not have been more impressed with Colin's relaxed and professional approach. I was also delighted to pass first time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Colin."

— Stuart Hermeston - Hadrian Park, Wallsend

"As a mature lady with no previous driving experience, I chose Enigma driving to learn to drive. Due to personal circumstances I was extremely low in confidence and a nervous person. I thought this may affect my driving. However, Colin was great, very patient and kept me motivated throughout. He encouraged me during low periods and never gave up on me. Thanks to Colin I passed my test and would recommend him to anyone."

— Christine Power - New York, North Shields

"My mam tried for years to pass her test. She then found Colin and passed on her first attempt. When it came to me learning to drive, Colin was my first choice. I was not disappointed as I went on to pass first time. Thanks again Colin!"

— Jane Walker - Hadrian Park, Wallsend

"I wish I had been taught by Colin from the start as I progressed a lot quicker with Colin than previous instructors. Thanks again!"

— Daniel Hon Sum - Willington Quay, North Shields

"Enigma came recommended by my brother who had recently been taught by Colin. My lessons with Enigma were professional and fun, and gave me the confidence to pass my driving test. "

— Michael Lockhart - Walker, Newcastle

"After only 40 hours of lessons, I passed my test first time. With much encouragement from Colin, my instructor, I passed my theory quickly and could therefore concentrate on my driving. I have since recommended Enigma as I feel they instruct very well and you definitely get excellent value for money."

— Jordan Tyler - Blakelaw


— Martin Wozniak - Gosforth